Properties of coated steel plate

Metal plate used as roof covering has had centuries of history. One of the first materials used until today is copper plate, which is a higher quality material not just because of its price. Later on, steel plate began to appear on the roofs. However, it turned out to be undurable. Along with developing technology, new products appeared that contained steel plate - not lower quality products resembling it. Steel plate was improved and made long-lasting by covering it with zinc coating as well as other protective layers.

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While steel plate protected by zinc aluminium alloy and zinc titanium alloy coating can be encountered frequently nowadays, it is zinc coated steel plate, covered with various protective varnishes that has had been enormously popular for the past few years.

The most popular type of metal roofing available at REDCOM LTD is roof tile sheet. The particular method of metal plate shaping originates from Sweden where it was first produced by KAMI company, established in 1976 by three engineers from Lulea Technical University.

Thanks to high-quality zinc coated steel plate, it can be mechanically processed. Before mechanical treatment of steel plate became possible, it was used as roofing in its flat form. Most frequently used roofing technique was tape seam sealing. To achieve eye-catching visual effects, steel plate in its flat form used to be put in a diamond or scale pattern. Then manufacturers of profiled plates introduced flat steel plate with a seam. Technological advancement allowed to introduce a perfect isolating material in a shape resembling seam steel plate – a seam sandwich panel.

Properties of coated steel plate

The market offers a wide scope of products and manufacturers. As a specialized retailer, REDCOM LTD offers prepainted steel plates produced by Blachy Pruszyński and Balex Metal.

Both use furnace charge from steelworks abroad. Prepainted steel plates are mainly used in building industry as roofings and wall coverings. Zinc coating provides cathodic protection - at the cutting spot and during possible damage at the time of fitting. Organic coating provides full protection from the elements.

The most popular products in prepainted steel plate category are metal roof tile and trapezoidal roof sheet. Should you be interested in buying and fitting any of the above, do not hesitate to contact us and make an inquiry.

Steel roof fitting

Prepainted steel plates should be protected from moving and scratching during transportation. Leading manufacturers cover plates with plastic wrapping film that prevents them from damage. Apart from prepainted steel plates, plankings and accessories, they offer complete roofing systems, such as roof ridges, wind braces, valley flashings, fascia flashings, snowbreakers, etc. Optional accessories are made on customer's individual order.

Tile form sheet is gaining popularity on the Polish market, such as Arad or Modus by Blachy Pruszyński available at Redcom LTD. Tile form sheet with mounting holes is delivered ready for fitting, which gives a roof visual harmony.

Tile form sheet allows reduction of waste to 2% (based on fitting experience). It is a great result considering the amount of waste that traditional steel sheet generates. Roof fitting work should be arranged as to minimize treading on fitted sheets. If however, it can't be avoided, remove any metal swarf from the surface immediately and step only on a caving.

The advantages of steel roofing can be summed up in three words – aesthetic, economical and durable.

Aesthetic advantages:

  • unlimited choice of colours and surface textures – smooth, matt, rough, etc.
  • the plasticity of steel sheet which allows various shapes and patterns – flat, profiled, trapezoidal and arched sheet.

Economical advantages:

  • a square meter of steel roofing is relatively less expensive than other types of roofings
  • lower weight makes lightweight roofing
  • profiled plate carries greater load
  • cut to a specific length, steel plate enables easy fitting of large areas
  • steel sheet doesn't require great maintenance expense


  • high resistance to corrosion
  • weather resistance to rain, snow, wind, UV rays and changes in temperature
  • 15 – 20 yeears perforation warranty is provided for coated steel plates and the expected longevity of such product is between 30 and 50 years.

Taking all advantages in consideration, it's a foregone conclusion that a better and more versatile roofing material is hard to find.

For more information, please contact our Technical Advisers at Redcom LTD.

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