Roof issue and market analysis – can these two be brought together?

In „Tradition of folk building trade in Polish architecture”, S.Szyller wrote in 1917: „Roof is the part of a house that one thinks of most intensively. I declare that a roof (...) on a Polish cottage is a protoplast from which Polish architecture has developed.”

A roof makes a house

A roof crowns a house, making it a specific architectural creation. Type, colour and texture all play a great role in forming a roofing. Roofs of identical forms, if covered with individual roofing, will be perceived differently. Roofing that is incompatible with with the roof itself, may completely level the aesthetic value of the form and conversely – the aesthetic value of the roofing may well mask deficiencies of the form. Proper forming of a roofing should therefore be a priority for both the designer and the customer. A roof may be considered a clear proof of customer's sensitivity to beauty. As a luxury product, beauty requires adequate expense. Apart from its beauty, the functionality of a roof must also be taken into consideration. It has to be resistant to rain, snow, wind, sun, frost and humidity. Moreover, it should prevent excessive heat loss and moistening of isolation layer in the winter and such knowledge will help customer achieve success in his building concept.

Market analysis – a key to success

What is success? For some – maximum profit in the shortest period of time, for others – fame and media popularity, and for businesses – a share in the market, customer satisfaction as well as increased position of a company in the market. What helps in achieving success is market analysis, which allows gauging possibilities and conditions for undertaking a project.

According to well-known management experts „a successful company is one in which efficiency – that is the ratio of revenues to costs incurred is higher in the long term, than the industry average.” Choosing the right roofing can be immensely challenging, especially when the choice of manufacturers or trading companies offering various kinds of roofing is quite overwhelming. Information overload does not make the task easier. That's why market analysis conducted by specialists helps make the right choice – buying the best, the most attractive and appropriate roofing for your house. As it is a crucial decision, it is worth conducting a detailed analysis and you are welcome to entrust it to REDCOM Ltd.

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