Sanwich plates in refrigeration industry

REDCOM LTD has extensive experience in fitting sandwich plates for food and refrigeration industry.

Polyisocyanurate and polyurethane cored sandwich plates available at Redcom, are particularly suitable for ceilings and lockers in cold stores, stores and other controlled atmosphere environments, thanks to the highest thermal isolation parameters and high quality clamping system.

Plate cooler locks are most vital.

A cooling chamber lowers temperature inside a room. Negative pressure that is created enables air flow from outside to inside of a chamber. If the plate cooler's lock is not air-tight, humid air inside the chamber may enter through the joint and get to the front of the plate and cause condensate to appear inside the chamber. The condensate meets temperature below zero which creates ice that damages the plate joint. This results in the loss of cooling efficiency of the chamber.

The result of detailed analysis of these phenomena is the use of appropriate seals with every sandwich panel requiring a joint that enables optimal conditions for using a cooling chamber.

Ważność szczelności złącza płyt (bariera pary)

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