Leasing option

We offer you to finance your purchase in the form of leasing. The offer is directed to small firms as well as corporate clients.

The purchase of our products in leasing form has several advantages:

  • operating lease rent consists in whole of income costs
  • it is 100% tax deductible
  • the use of our products does not require their purchase – no need to commit your own financial resources

Leasing in EFL

Leasing in EFL

  • individual and professional customer service
  • flexible rates – you decide the amount of each rate
  • high credit limits in European leasing, guaranteed by European Investment Bank
  • quick decision on leasing
  • contract agreement can be signed at your premises

Leasing conditions

type of leasing operating, financial
waluta currency PLN, CHF, EUR
own payment from 0% to 45%
financing period in finance lease from 6 to 60 months, in operating lease 48 months (10% amortization rate)
leasing rates schedule equal, degressive, seasonal
minimal redemption value 25% according to taxation law, spread into instalments as the margin deposit
interest rate equal, adjustable
property insurance long-term, paid in instalments