About us

About Redcom

REDCOM LTD, a family enterprise built exclusively with Polish capital, was established in 1999. Redcom's success is made up of durable quality products, innovative technology and original approach to design philosophy.

REDCOM is a Polish system using world famous solutions!
REDCOM is a Polish brand of a global quality!

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About company

REDCOM company is a professional specialist in its field, as well as a reliable partner of established position. We have all the know-how and experience and we are always eager to take our skills to the next level!

Professional experience gathered by our team while working for building industry corporations has resulted in great design of commercial halls and industrial depots. We also take pride in our individual sales approach.



We are involved in every stage of creating a product – starting with the design, through presentation and finished work. No detail is overlooked, while all required parameters that influence quality are maintained.

We want to be reliable at every step of the way – beginning with the design, development, through production and sale. It is our philosophy to create products that match the surroundings, and not the other way round. This is who we are.

What we do?

We create products of nonstandard use features.
In other words – products of which we are very proud!


It all begins at Redcom Design Centre. Looking for inspiration, our designers draw from many sources – art, everyday life and even fashion. Last, but not least, our designs take natural environment into consideration. We couple steel with wood and naturalness with austerity, and try to make everything look unique.


Advanced technology, research and developement and our involvement at each stage of production, vouch for best quality products for our customers. By constantly improving our products, we aim for our customers' long-term satisfaction.

How we operate?

Our experienced team of architects is capable of taking up even the most sophisticated undertaking. Thanks to an established position in the trade, we offer good prices that are pertinent to our own engineering and architectural solutions.

What's more, we share our know-how on structural isolated panels and our Knowledge Base will be supplemented on a regular basis.

We don't want to be the biggest, we want to be the best!

We like to break the barriers,
break with traditions,
positively surprise and last but not least
– be one step ahead of our competition!


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