Company History

Company History

I have had a creative streak since I can remember. I always watched and learned. I got to know „real” business and some „great” businessmen, the thought of setting my own company always at the back of my head. Having worked for various corporations I never stopped thinking for myself, which sometimes caused conflicts... Once, I was summoned to the president's office where I heard something to that effect: If you want to have your own company within mine, then pack your bags and leave.

After hearing these words, I knew my days in the company were over. Indeed, three months had gone and so was I. It was the moment in which I seriously started considering setting my own business. However it took me another ten years working for others, when I finally reached the goal of my own company. It wasn't an instant decision, though...

Circumstances decided for me:

  • a president of a certain international corporation was employed in my place;
  • health problems;
  • and a dead end job changed everything.

The beginning of going it alone was marked with fear and other unpleasant feelings. However, the more time passed since I quit a safe employment, the more I began to enjoy having my own business. And I still do! I am also deeply grateful for all I learned in my previous jobs and want to thank all those who contributed to who I am today professionally.

A couple of milestones for my business:

  • 1999 – working for somebody else, I set up my own company – just in case
  • 2011 – left permanent employment
  • 2012 – took over manufacture of modular objects (containers, kiosks, pavilions and watchman's lodges) from Romdex company.

REDCOM – let's create together.

There is power in each one of us,
Undiscovered and mysterious.

Motivating us and shaping our path.

It is the power that fuels our actions.
The result of creation and the beginning of new things.

It is the power that makes us want to create more and more...

It gives us energy that inspires our imagination, which turns into new creation.
Leaving an imprint of our existence on Earth.

To create is the only way to live forever.

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