Flashing is the most important feature of a roof, as are walls, manufactured using structural insulated panels, whenever the folllowing building materials are used: trapezoidal sheet, wall cassettes, sandwich plates, metal shingles, wall cladding, standing seam roof panels, etc.

Such components are made of flat steel or aluminium plates, colour – coated to match the design of the building. REDCOM recommends using colour – coated components to enhance aesthetical aspect of a building.

Produkuje się je z blachy płaskiej stalowej lub aluminiowej powlekanej w kolorze dobranym zgodnie z przeznaczenia danego obiektu. Bardzo ciekawym i polecanym przez firmę REDCOM rozwiązaniem jest zastosowanie obróbek blacharskich w takim kolorze, aby architektonicznie podkreślić walory danego pokrycia dachowego lub obudowy ściennej w korelacji z zamontowaną obudową.

Sizes and shapes of flashing depend on individual roof and walls shape and they are vital to the end result of the undertaking. Final decision as to the shape and size of flashing is taken in co-operation with the customer. Flashing offered by REDCOM, which comes in different shapes and sizes, enables countless combinations.

  • steel quality: S280GD – S320GD + min. Z225 / aluminium
  • steel thickness: 0,50 mm – most of the RAL palette colours
  • steel thickness: 0,70 mm – RAL 8017/8019/9010/9006/7024
  • aluminium thickness: 1,20 mm – RAL 8019 / RAL 9016
  • flashing length: standard – I=2500 mm, on request we manufacture flashing up to I=6000 mm – make an enquiry
  • coating: polyester