Fixed ladders

Fixed ladders

Redcom offers specialised ladders for permanent fixing to construction elements of industrial and agricultural buildings, machines and other facilities. Other uses include: inspection and maintenance entrances to technical facilities (man-holes, chambers), chimneys, masts and evacuation routes.

Advantages of our ladders:


  • we use materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, any RAL colour varnish on customer's individual request
  • we deliver ladders in ready-to-assemble elements, which eliminates cutting, welding and other work that may result in corrosion in the future
  • our ladder system doesn't require any sort of maintenance


  • due to a complete protection system of protective baskets and mechanical fall protection system, we guarantee safe use of our ladders
  • our system complies with the strictest norms and regulations: PN-EN ISO 14122-4, DIN 18799-1, and Polish Health and Safety laws.

Easy to mount:

  • thanks to our know-how, we managed to minimize the amount of elements and their lightweight construction eliminates the need for heavy machinery at the building site.
  • Easy and logical system of screw joints and expert advice make the assembly a very easy job.

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