Containers – single units

Containers – single units

Redcom LTD is a producer and supplier of container unit systems. Their construction technology complies with valid regulations. We supply STANDARD or EUROSTANDARD container systems. These systems enable creating ground floor level buildings or other spatial configurations.

Both systems are available in various lengths and heights and can also be made according to customer's guidelines or designs.

Product description:

Redcom containers can be used as infrastructure units at a building site, temporary buildings for kindergardens, schools or doctor's surgeries. They can also be used as watchman's lodges, washrooms or storerooms.

Dimensions: according to customer's guidelines
Unit width: up to 2,4 m.
Length: up to 6 rm.
Outer height: 2,5 m

Containers of 6,0 m x2,4 m dimensions are fully insulated and ready to use. They contain front door, electrical installation, fuses, sockets, ceiling light, PVC floor lining.

Door and windows arrangement is a matter of consultation between the customer and our designers. Send an enquiry if you are interested in individual solutions.

Contact us if you are interested in site development plan, container delivery and assembly.

Outlines of available solutions are available on individual request.

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