Skylights - REDLUMEN

REDCOM produces skylights set in steel construction, which are mounted in the roof slope or roof ridge. It is assumed that the lit area should be 1/8 of the hall which is to be brightened. The technical requirements are established by an architect of a given building.

Our skylights are made of steel construction with additional protection of anti-corrosive paint or zinc coating. The construction can be arch-shaped or made into a shape ordered by the customer. Multi-chambered polycarbonate plates are mounted on a supporting structure, together with sealing elements and aluminium profiles. Thanks to such combination we provide functionality of use and unique look of the building.

Advantages of the system:

  • The shape of the construction carries snow load very well
  • The skylight substitutes the roof ridge, so potential roof leaks are eliminated
  • Polycarbonate plates have many advantages, of which resistance to impacts (hail) and deformation as well as resistance to UV discolouration are the most vital ones.

Technical characteristics

  • Width adjusted to the design of the roof
  • Length depending on the order
  • Construction material – steel closed profiles
  • Construction protected with anti-corrosive paint or zinc coating
  • Polycarbonate parameters – min. gr. 16 mm, min. 2 – chambered with aluminium system accessories

Files for downloading:

Skylights 2 Skylights 3