Aluminium systems

Aluminium systems

We produce aluminium systems from profiles of leading manufacturer ALUPROF.

Aluminium is a natural, light and non-toxic material which is resistant to adverse weather conditions. All these advantages make it a perfect building material for both inner and external elements.

Aluminium systems available at REDCOM LTD enable different use depending on area of application and specifications as to:

  • funcionality and aesthetics
  • thermal isolation
  • burglar-proof quality
  • dsmoke- and fire-proof quality

Types of constructions within the system can be divided as follows:

  • without thermal isolation:
    • MB-45 system (suitable for inner partitions)
    • MB-23P system (suitable for balconies)
  • with thermal isolation:
    • MB-60 system
    • MB-70 system
    • MB-59S system
    • MB-86 system
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The majority of systems is available in „HI” version with a special insert section that lowers heat conduction factor.

e offer a whole range of economical solutions for customers who wish to combine high technical parameters with reasonable price, such as:

  • MB-45S
  • MB-59SE
  • MB-60E

Among various window and door products, we also offer specialized fire barrier systems:

  • MB-78EI - fire barriers
  • MB-45D - smoke protection doors
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